frequently asked questions

how free is 'free?'

It's as free as free gets. Order your sample box for no charge, no shipping, and no strings attached.

what service are you offering?

Good question! We are printing large unit orders of t-shirts for events, races, and marathons.

who uses your service?

Event coordinators for races, marathons, and events that offer a t-shirt as part of the registration and participation process.

can i order just one or two shirts?

No. This service is for large quantity orders only. If you need just one or two shirts then we suggest using the retail side of our website. Click here to go there now.

what's in the sample i've ordered?

When you get your sample box you'll see a welcome letter and 3 sample products labeled 'good', 'better', and 'best'. The 'good' sample is our base product. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done and it's the most economic.

The 'better' sample is...well, better. It's quality is a step above and is for those that want to take there event up a notch.

The 'best' sample, although more expensive, is our is our best fitting, highest quality, most comfortable shirt. This is for events where it's all about the 'feel' of the shirt.